Marcial and his wife Pepita. The picture was taken approximately four years after their wedding.






  Marcial's signature









   Marcial with his wife and his brothers-in-law (the youngest in the picture is his  first daughter).












  Marcial (right) with the writer Silvio Santiago













 House number 11 on Ensinanza Street.

 Marcial had his cabinetmakerīs workshop on the first floor







 In this house located in Vilouriz  (Toques), Marcial hid for an entire year.

 The house was renovated and little is preserved from the original structure.

 A Falangista* teacher lived also here ignoring completely Marcial's stay






 On the Santiago - Lugo road, before arriving at Guntin at the  intersection of the Ourense road, going down to the left side, these signs appear

 On the side, the remaining of the old road still exists. On that ditch, Marcial's body was found





 On the ditch. On the curve of this old road Santiago - Lugo. On September 1937, at six in the morning, Marcial's body was found dead


 His murderers left him with two gunshots, lying face down, with the arms wide open and soaked in water







 Satellite view of the assassination's location